Besh - Kofta Bowl

Kofta bowl

Green lentil cutlets, plov-rice, Sirdoq sauce made with celery and tomatoes; mix salad.

Besh - Paneer Bowl

Paneer bowl

Plov-rice, paneer sauce, made with: paneer cheese, Indian spices, cashew, ginger, curry, ghee & tomato-cream sauce; mix salad.

Besh - Besh Bowl

Besh bowl

Plov-rice, Besh sauce, made with: eggplant, peppers & potatoes; mix salad.

Besh - Falafel Bowl

Falafel bowl

Homemade falafel, plov-rice, mix salad.

Besh - Orientalische vegetarische Küche

BESH is a family restaurant, where we serve homemade vegetarian food, made with love. A cuisine that is simple and fast, made with wholesome, fresh ingredients, to the rhythm of flavours from the Great Silk Road

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Lotte FabianLotte Fabian
11:47 17 Nov 22
Love this place, the staff and of course the food. The price is fair in regard to the super good ingredients you get. The tomatoes with spices are from heaven and the falafel awesome.The falafel-Sandwiches could get a teeny tiny bit bigger - then you'll have the perfect spot for lunch and dinner!
Hanne NijtmansHanne Nijtmans
08:09 29 Oct 22
Passed it quite late at night and was pleasantly surprised! Had one of the best falafel sandwiches I've ever had and the people were super friendly. Also really lovely atmosphere, will definitely come again.
Jesse AllhandsJesse Allhands
21:24 21 Oct 22
The food here is so fresh and delicious! I absolutely love this place! The staff is also very friendly and kind. They have a simple menu and I really like the halloumi and falafel. The large bowl is a lot of food for a very reasonable amount of money. The small bowl is usually plenty for a meal for one person. They always offer Turkish tea with every order and it is very authentic! Whenever I'm in the area I try to stop here for a bite to eat, and you should definitely try it too!
Dilnaz AyDilnaz Ay
12:17 21 Jun 22
Only tasty vegetarian food with vegan option- love it! Nice waitress and a fast service with a stunning inside decoration.
Jayd Claire MukheibirJayd Claire Mukheibir
13:55 05 May 22
Consistently good food, vegetarian and vegan options. My go to for quick easy lunch. Must try their chilli 🤩🤤