Besh - Kofta Bowl

Kofta bowl

Green lentil cutlets, plov-rice, Sirdoq sauce made with celery and tomatoes; mix salad.

Besh - Paneer Bowl

Paneer bowl

Plov-rice, paneer sauce, made with: paneer cheese, Indian spices, cashew, ginger, curry, ghee & tomato-cream sauce; mix salad.

Besh - Besh Bowl

Besh bowl

Plov-rice, Besh sauce, made with: eggplant, peppers & potatoes; mix salad.

Besh - Falafel Bowl

Falafel bowl

Homemade falafel, plov-rice, mix salad.

Besh - Orientalische vegetarische Küche

BESH is a family restaurant, where we serve homemade vegetarian food, made with love. A cuisine that is simple and fast, made with wholesome, fresh ingredients, to the rhythm of flavours from the Great Silk Road

Our Menu

Coming there couple times per week for lunch. It’s situated very close to my office. II really love this place, food is so fresh tasty and people working there are giving their hearts to this!

Besh - Testimonials

Karolina Jakubowska

Sehr sehr freundlicher und höflicher Service. Das essen ist liebevoll und kreativ angerichtet und schmeckt genauso gut wie es aussieht. Das Auge isst mit!

Besh - Testimonials

Brosk Izdeen

Absolutely one of the best restaurants I have been to! Awesome selection of bowls and that one special hummus.

Besh - Testimonials

Dexter Van-Hieu Bui